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How To Scale While Pulling Back on Ad Spend

Listen to Ali talk about Modern Picnic + her experience with Shark Tank! 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The origin and evolution of Modern Picnic
  • Ali Kaminetsky recounts her appearance on Shark Tank 
  • How to gain brand recognition without investing in paid ads 
  • What strategies should brands focus on to penetrate the market? 
  • Modern Picnic’s growth projections for 2024
  • Two rudimentary tips for new founders

In this episode…

Shopify stores grew by 201% from March 2020 to January 2022, so consumers have more options than ever about where and how to spend their money. With so much saturation in the market, how can emerging brands position their products in front of consumers?

Armed with a revolutionary idea, Ali Kaminetsky took her brand concept to Shark Tank for funding opportunities. Yet the sharks insisted that Ali’s high ad spend was compromising her brand’s early-stage profitability. In response, she stopped investing in paid ads entirely. Ali maintains that you can still gain brand recognition and drive sales through organic efforts like creating social media content to fill the marketing funnel. You can also employ post-purchase surveys to encourage feedback and word-of-mouth marketing, fueling the next stage of brand growth.

In today’s Ecom Experiences episode, Samir Balwani chats with Ali Kaminetsky, the Founder of Modern Picnic, about how she applied her lessons from Shark Tank to scale her brand. Ali provides strategies for penetrating the market, tips for new founders, and the backstory behind Modern Picnic.

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