It's Women's History Month! – Modern Picnic

It's Women's History Month!

It’s Women’s History Month, so I thought this would be a good time to reintroduce Modern Picnic, and our founder, Ali, for a little Q+A… 

For anyone who is new here, why did you start Modern Picnic? 

I launched Modern Picnic completely out of a personal need. After graduating college, I moved to NYC to start my first job in the fashion industry. I would bring my lunch to work everyday because, especially as a recent graduate, it was so much faster, cheaper and healthier.  However, I quickly realized I did not have a chic or functional way to do so. I was left to carry my lunch in paper bags or plastic bags. When I googled “lunchbox” I found options for little kids and for men, but nothing for women who wanted to look good, feel good and do good… and from there, Modern Picnic was born.

Modern Picnic is a female founded, female led, female guided company. We aim to empower women to look, feel and do their best. 

Have you experienced any struggles being a female founder?

Even though women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment in the small business community, there are still definitely hurdles faced by women that are often very different than those experienced by males, and one most relevant to me is the struggle to be taken seriously and respected. There have been times where my expertise has been questioned solely because I am a woman. However, through these experiences, I have learned to advocate for myself and ask for what I think is best for the success of my company.

What advice would you give young women going into the corporate world?

I am always teaching our younger female interns about the importance of standing your ground and not ever being afraid to speak on what you believe in. So that when they get into the corporate world, they are able to navigate themselves and be successful in any room they walk into.

What is your favorite Modern Picnic product? 

This is like asking me to pick a favorite child… I seriously love them all. I would say my most used product is our Tote, though. Every girl needs that perfect Tote, and ours really is the best. If I’m packing food I will keep it in the removable pouch, and still have room for all my other essentials, but I also love how I can take it out + use it in other ways! I also really love our Snacker. I use it for makeup, chargers, basically anything… because we can never have enough pouches, right?! 


What are some other female founded brands you are loving right now?

There are SO many, but some of my favorite brands right now are: 

  1. Gorgie - The founder of Gorgie is actually one of my incredible advisors! They are SO good for when I need a little pick-me-up. 
  2. Kinfield - The best bug spray... trust me. 
  3. Halfdays - The chicest ski clothes!! So obsessed with everything they make.
  4. Stakt - I literally can't live without this workout mat. 
  5. Poppi - Do I even need to explain? Love all their flavors! 
  6. Pashion Footwear - The most versatile shoes... they come with a removable heel, so you can wear them flat or heeled! Perfect for when you're on the go! 
  7. Nori - A chic, portable iron?! Say less. 

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