My Shark Tank Journey – Modern Picnic

My Shark Tank Journey


I launched Modern Picnic when I was 22 years old completely out of a personal need, shipping out of my parents garage. I had no idea what I was doing, or what it would become, but knew I had big plans.

Since the day I launched Modern Picnic, I’ve been told I should go on Shark Tank... and what a process it was! I had no idea what I was in store for. Let’s take a look back and see how we got here… 

January 2022

(yes, it goes this far back). I applied for Shark Tank for the first time! We got pretty far in the process, but unfortunately, ultimately got rejected.  They had told me to try again for the next season… so I was just going to wait until then! 


January 2023

I reapplied as soon as the application re-opened for season 15! Why not try again? You never know what will happen…. 

April 2023

After MANY more rounds of (really long) applications and forms, they asked us to send in a video…. So I put on the outfit I wore on GMA (because maybe it can be good luck?!), and I spent hours perfecting the video application. Now, I just had to wait to hear back! 

July 3rd 2023

I was away for my brother’s wedding, when I got the email from Shark Tank… and this time it was different. They had emailed me saying that they were going to start preparing me for TV, and assigned me two badass female producers, Kels and Mags! They told me that this doesn’t mean anything, and we may not film or air, but to keep my September open… so I was definitely hopeful! 

July-August 2023

These were a busy two months… I spent countless hours working with my producers on all things Shark Tank, from my pitch to the outfit I wear for filming. It was definitely a little crazy, but I was SO excited the whole time. 

September 2023

I flew to LA (with very short notice), and pitched for the sharks!

January 2024

After MONTHS of waiting + wondering if our episode was going to air, we got our air date! On January 12th, I found out that our episode was going to air in 3 weeks! I was so beyond excited, but we had lots to do… and that included launching our Wicker Collection 3 months earlier than planned. 

February 2024

After 3 weeks of hard work (and lots of stress), our episode is finally airing! Going onto Shark Tank has always been a dream of mine and  I CANNOT believe it finally happened! 





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