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Not Your High School Yearbook

THIS IS NOT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK, but it’s close. It’s been a  crazy year, and instead of just giving you a normal recap, we’ve decided to make it a little more fun. Let’s end the year with some 2022 Modern Picnic Superlatives 

Most Popular - The Large Luncher

No surprise here. Since launching, the Large Luncher has, by far, been our best seller. She can fit it all while keeping it chic. 

Most likely to surprise you - The Scarf 

If there’s any product that doesn’t get enough credit, it’s definitely our silk scarf. She’s lightweight, small, under $50 + 100% silk… what else could you ask for?

Most likely to carry their entire life in their bag - The Tote

We all know that girl who can fit her entire life in her work bag (and no one knows how it all fits). The MP Tote can quite literally fit it all, and no one will know. 

Most likely to go from a workout class to the office - The Backpack 

Anyone else jealous of that coworker who does a workout class every morning before heading into the office? The backpack wins this one for obvious reasons. 

Most likely to be the life of the party - The Mini 

Who would have thought you’d be bringing your lunchbox to the bars at night? The mini definitely knows how to have a good time. 

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