It's National Nutrition Month – Modern Picnic

It's National Nutrition Month

It’s National Nutrition Month + we may know a thing or two about making a healthy meal…

If you’ve been listening to anything we say, you know we’re avid lunch packers (makes sense). Making your own food is cheaper, easier, and most importantly, healthier. When eating out or ordering takeout, you do not know what additional ingredients they are putting into your food - by making it yourself, you can control what goes into your body.

Here’s something to make you excited about packing lunch 

Trust me, I know it’s easier to just order the salad, but this month let’s make our own food together. Throughout March, we will be doing a series of Instagram Live’s with our favorite nutrition influencers. We will be making their delicious recipes, while talking about all things health, lunch packing, and more! Stay tuned... 

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