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Prepping for 2023

It’s that time of year where everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions (don’t you wish everyone would just keep it to themselves). We’re not here to bore you + give you some new year’s goals that we all know you’re not going to follow through with. We’re just here to help give you that little push (that we all know you desperately need). 


Wouldn’t you like  to be prepared for that post holiday/ new year’s bender? We’ve all been there, it’s a rough one. In true MP spirit, we’re here to help get ready for that “new year new you”. Whether you’re looking to save money on lunch this year, eat healthier, or to just save yourself some time on your lunch break, we’ve got you covered.

The best way to start is getting yourself the chicest lunchbox there is (obviously). Trust us, this will make you actually want to follow through with your goals. 

 How could you not want to meal prep when you have a lunchbox like this?! 


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