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The 3 Best Lunchbox Options For Healthcare Workers

If you are, or are shopping for, a healthcare worker, we know just what you should get. The days are long, and taking care of yourself is vital, and the best way to do so is with a healthy, filling meal. What better way to show up to those long shifts than with a chic, functional lunchbox?! We love hearing feedback from our customers who work in healthcare, and we thought we would share their favorite products. 

We are so grateful for healthcare workers everywhere, and are always finding new ways to support them + make their lives a little easier. All healthcare workers can get 20% off at checkout.

The Backpack

Let us take some weight off your shoulders. With a vegan leather exterior, insulated interior + a padded laptop sleeve, the Backpack is perfect for fitting all your essentials. 

"The backpack is exactly what I've been waiting for to pack everything I need in a day as an RN taking the train to work in NYC. It looks nice and of quality, rather than a regular lunch bag." -Karis F. 


nurse lunch bag


The Large Luncher 

The Large Luncher is perfect for fitting multiple meals, drinks, and snacks, so you you can prepare for those long shifts + stay fueled throughout the day. 

“I am thrilled that the Large Luncher came out as it’s exactly what I needed for a long 12 hour shift as a nurse.”- Karis F

"Fashionable and functional! For the doctor who works all day and needs to bring two shaker bottles, a coffee mug and water bottle to get through the day” -Alexis F. 

nurse lunch bag

The Tote

 No more worrying about how you're going to fit a change of clothes, meals, drinks, and more - the Tote is perfect for keeping it all in one place.  With a vegan leather exterior + a removable insulated pouch, you'll never have to carry a million different bags again.

"I bought this once I got into PA school because I wanted something that could carry everything for me. This was the right purchase for me! So roomy. It's prefect for all my study materials and makes it easy to carry a lunch wherever I need to go!"  - Maggie

"I work 12 hour shifts and this bag is great for everything I need to eat healthy."  - Julie F

nurse lunch bag


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