Welcome To Lunch Break – Modern Picnic

Welcome to Lunch Break

Hi MP Community,

I am so incredibly excited to share this project that the team has been working on all Summer - meet Lunch Break: The Blog. Think all your favorite tips, recipes, inside scoop, and more all in one place. Basically, a place where the Modern Picnic team can share it all.

Welcome to Lunch Break

A little bit about me, I started MP when I was 22 (I know, crazy) completely out of a personal need. I was straight out of college working my first job in retail, bringing my lunch every day because of how much cheaper, easier, and healthier it was… plus all the other women in my office were doing so. We all know that first job feeling, and let’s be real… I wanted to fit in with my co-workers (and who wants to spend $20 on a salad every day anyways).

However, when I went online to buy myself a lunchbox I saw options for little kids and men, but none for women who wanted to look their best and do their best.  From there, Modern Picnic was born.

If you’re new here, Modern Picnic is the chic and functional version of the traditional lunchbox we all know (and hate). With an insulated interior + vegan leather exterior, you can bring your food with you wherever you go  and no one would ever know what was inside. All of our products are made for women, by women. Since launching in 2018, we have expanded to 7 different products, including our most recent, the MP Backpack.

I am so excited about this new chapter, and I cannot wait to bring you this space where you will learn more about the company, the team, our favorite recipes, and more. This is only the beginning for MP, and I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on! 

Founder + CEO

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