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Female Founded, Female Led, Female Guided

It’s Women’s History Month + we have some exciting things planned… but you’re going to have to wait to find out. In the meantime, let’s talk about MP.  Modern Picnic is a female founded, female led, female guided company. We empower women to look, feel, and do their best. 

I thought it would be fitting to reintroduce our amazing team + hear what it’s like working at such a female focused company! Let’s get into it:

Meet our Founder + CEO, Ali: 

Ali started Modern Picnic while working her first job right out of college. She was bringing her lunch to work every day, because of how much cheaper and healthier it was, but didn’t have a chic or functional way to do so. When she went online to buy herself a lunchbox, she only found options for little kids and men, but none for women who wanted to look and feel their best. And from there, Modern Picnic was born! 

Our small (but amazing) team: 

Amber - Operations + Partnerships 

"I get to work with a group of the most amazing, motivated, hard-working women who I know are always cheering me on. There is something really special about working alongside other women who's goals and passions align with yours + getting to celebrate every win with people who understand the heart and determination that went into it!"

Caeley- Social Media + Graphic Design

"My favorite part about working for a small, female founded brand is watching our founder, Ali, push beyond the boundaries that most female founders face. I love working with like-minded female teammates that I can relate to!" 

Hannah- Marketing 

"I feel so beyond lucky to work at a female founded, female led team! Getting the opportunity to work with a group of hardworking women who are constantly supporting one another is such an amazing thing. Being on a team where I am constantly inspired and learning is such a special part of the job!"  

Meet the advisors of MP

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the close knit group of strong women entrepreneurs who have become my advisors throughout this process and have guided me through the trials and tribulations of owning my own business. Their support has allowed me to move forward and to think bigger and better when it comes to the future of Modern Picnic.” - Our founder, Ali 

Michelle Grant: Founder of Lively + Gorgie 


“If you want to learn from an incredible entrepreneur, Ali is amazing. Follow her, watch her + learn from her because she is a diamond” -Michelle Grant

Alexandra Wilson: Co-founder, Gilt + Glamsquad 


“I recognized the transformative nature of the bags + believed that Ali was the person to take this idea and turn it into a big business” - Alexandra Wilson


NJ Falk: Managing Partner, APL 

“I was ready for a modern solution to an age old problem, but never found it until Modern Picnic” -NJ Falk

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