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You Should be Packing Lunch This Earth Month

We’re all trying to be more sustainable around here, so this Earth Month, let’s pack lunch + do good… 

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Here’s why you should be packing your lunch with us: 

  1. By bringing lunch to work every day, you are wasting 4.6 billion lbs of plastic a year - reduce the waste of single use plastics + pack your lunch in an MP (bonus points for being chic) 
  2. Why are single use plastics so bad? It takes 1,000 years for plastic to degrade in a landfill, and it still does not break down completely. These plastics end up in our oceans, affecting their ecosystems. When ordering takeout, you are given unnecessary plastics… pack your own food in reusable containers, etc. 
  3. Each year, 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the US - they end up in landfills and produce harmful methane gas. There are many ways that packing your own lunch can reduce food waste… instead of throwing out your leftovers, take it for lunch the next day. Rather than ordering takeout where you cannot control your portions, pack your own food + only prepare what you need, so that you are not throwing out the rest. 


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We've got you covered - Insulated Interior x Vegan Leather Exterior 


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