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Back to School?

As a (semi) recent college grad, I find myself wishing I knew about Modern Picnic a lot earlier… Those long nights in the library would have been a lot better if my tote was filled with snacks and drinks (that would stay fresh). Instead, I ordered Postmates, spent a lot of money, and definitely did not eat healthy.

If I could go back to college + know about Modern Picnic, here’s what I would use each product for: 

The Snacker


A girl can never have too many pouches… and an insulated one? Sold. Not only would this be perfect for throwing some snacks in my tote for class, or for a day at the library, but it also makes the best makeup bag. I went to school in the south, and it was HOT, so if I could keep my makeup and skincare from melting when I left my dorm, I would get one in every color. 

The Tote


Okay, this one I feel very strongly about. I am absolutely obsessed with my MP Tote, and I know I would have been in college too. Not only is it chic and comfortable on the shoulder, but the insulated pouch would have saved my life for long nights at the library. I probably spend hundreds of dollars a month on food delivery, and I definitely would have brought my own food if I could keep it fresh. And on those days I didn’t need to bring food… I would just remove the pouch. It’s kind of a no brainer. 

The Backpack 


The Modern Picnic Backpack is seriously a game changer. I once spilled an entire water bottle in that backpack, and not only did my laptop not get wet, but it all just sat at the bottom + I was able to just dump it out (because I would have been pissed if my clothes got soaking wet). I can fit a giant water bottle + it will stay cold, my laptop is safe from everything (because I’m not put together enough to carry it in a case), and it’s really just amazing. The best part is that both my hands can stay free, because you’ll always find me holding an iced coffee in one hand and a water bottle in the other. 

The Mini


TBH, this one I would use as a normal bag for going out - it honestly is way cuter than any of the bags that I would bring out to the bars. The best part? Sneaking snacks… guaranteed to make you the center of attention (or you can eat them in the corner, no one would know). 

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