Meet our Summer Interns – Modern Picnic

Meet our Summer Interns

We are so excited to have, yet again, another amazing Summer intern class! Let’s meet the Summer interns: 

Sarah Becker - Marketing Operations + Executive Assistant Intern

School: University of Delaware

Top Favorite Products: The Black Croc Backpack 


Why MP: As an aspiring young female entrepreneur, it is always so inspiring seeing a female founded company. Once becoming aware of MP I couldn’t ignore the genius behind the idea and knew I had to be a part of it! This team and internship has been such an amazing and fulfilling experience and I am beyond excited to continue working with this inspiring group!

Olivia Scott - Social Media + Content Intern

School: Fairfield University 

Top Favorite Products: The Black Tote


Why MP: I chose to intern with MP because it’s a female-founded and female-run business, which was really huge for me, as well as its focus on creating sustainable and functional designs that don’t compromise on style.

Sam Dupree - Social Media + Content Intern

School: Syracuse University 

Top Favorite Products: The Wicker Luncher


Why MP: I chose MP because I loved the idea of working for a female-founded start-up. I immediately felt encouraged to give input, get involved, and really use my creativity to grow the brand online. I have learned so much in just this past month and I can’t wait for the rest! 


Lauren Schiffman - Community + Ambassador Intern

School: Lehigh University

Top Favorite Products: The Lizard Large Luncher


Why MP: I chose Modern Picnic because I wanted to gain hands-on experience collaborating with powerful and inspiring women. This team is so supportive and I am so grateful to be a part of it!

Cynthia Black + Operations / Wholesale Intern

School: Syracuse University

Top Favorite Products: The Black Croc Tote


Why MP: I chose Modern Picnic because it embodies everything I truly adore about a workplace that appreciates and celebrates the ingenuity and accomplishments of women. Being part of an environment where female innovations are recognized and valued fuels my passion and commitment to my work. At Modern Picnic, I find myself surrounded by brilliant women who continuously inspire and motivate me to excel.

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