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The Ambassador Program

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen us talk about the ambassador program. First, I’ll give you a bit of a background on the program. It really started so organically. We launched MP May of 2018, and we were getting lots of emails from our community members asking if we had an ambassador program. I did not know what an ambassador program entailed, but our community was asking for it, so I knew I had to listen. After months of research and development, we finally launched our ambassador program in September of 2019.

The Ambassador Program

I am absolutely amazed at how much this community has grown, and our program now has over 600 women of different ages, demographics, and interests. They really represent what Modern Picnic is all about.

You may be thinking, why join the ambassador program? Here are just a few of the many perks:

  • The first to know about launches and company updates
  • Monthly virtual and in-person events
  • Personal discount code + a code to share with friends and family
The Ambassador Program

At the end of the day, Modern Picnic is a female-founded, community-driven brand that strives to support and connect women from all walks of life. The Ambassador program is at the center of our community, and we want each ambassador to know they are appreciated. If you are interested in joining the Ambassador Program, you can apply through this link. The only requirement is that you have a public instagram and a love for the Modern Picnic community. If you have any questions about the community or the application process, please feel free to reach out to ambassador@modernpicnic.com.

The Ambassador Program


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