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The Limited Edition Red Croc Collection

Meet the Red Croc Collection - Since Taylor Swift’s new album just came out, we thought it was only fitting to launch a collection of Red MP’s to honor our favorite album of hers (just kidding, but we are big swifties over here). 

the holiday collection

All jokes aside, the collection that has sold out before is back, and it will probably sell out again. After all, we have been called the birkin of lunchboxes (yes, it’s true). Just see: 

red croc

So if you want to look like Kris Jenner, but don’t want to spend $50k (is that how much they are?) on a bag, here you go.  Name a better way to sneak snacks into the bar… I’ll wait.

red croc

The red croc comes in our Snacker, Mini (pictured next to Kris Jenner), Luncher + Large Luncher, and I guarantee you’ll get mistaken for a Kardashian. 

the snacker 
the mini
the luncher
large luncher


If you want it all (plus more) without spending a penny, enter our giveaway. We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win the entire red croc collection + a $1,000 MP gift card. Enter here

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