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Let's Talk New Year's Goals

In 2023, we’re actually following through with our New Year’s goals. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish this year, we’ve got you. 


New Year's Goals

Trying to save money this year? 

Stop spending $15 on salads that you could make at home + meal prep with us. Save that $$ for the post-work cocktails. If you’re looking to start simple, the Luncher is the perfect size for fitting a meal and a drink, plus it’s easy to clean + won’t ruin your outfits. 

New Year's Goals

Want to fit workouts into your day? 

If you are trying to be more active this year, or are just a workout lover in general, we have just what you need. The Tote comes with a removable insulated pouch, so you can pack your meals for the day, your gym clothes, your work essentials + more. Oh, and you’ll look really good too. 

New Year's Goals

Trying to eat healthier in 2023? 

New year, new habits. If you’re trying to eat healthier this year, the best way to do so is by packing your own food.  If you need that little push, the Large Luncher can fit multiple meals, snacks + drinks, so you’ll never have to eat out again. Plus, something this chic will make you actually want to pack your own food. 

New Year's Goals
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